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At Studio Majalis Floral Designer, we apply the same standards in each of our services, whether to decorate a wedding or a photo shoot. We mainly work with flower producers near our workshop in the Cévennes (1 hour max) to guarantee you fresh seasonal flowers. 


Passionate about art in all its forms since I was little, I have always loved creating. Music, dance, writing and drawing have punctuated my daily life for almost 20 years. Daughter of teachers, I had the chance to travel a lot, mainly in West Indies where I gre up through a big cultural and inspiring melting pot. Back in France, I studied cinema, first in Montpellier then Paris.


After a first career as a film critic and cultural journalist, I left everything behind and set off on a world tour in several stages (around forty countries over 3 years, between South America, Europe and South Asia). ) as a correspondent for various media and tourist guides.


At the dawn of my 30th birthday, I returned to France and made a career change by returning to school to complete a florist diplom in Paris. ​ “ 

Why a florist reconversion?


Tell you that I had an epiphany in the Amazon, in a tulip field in Holland or a peony greenhouse in Japan would be too simple. It was rather by traveling all over the world, always surrounded by flowers, that I have understand being surrounded by beauty, nature, was the best environment for me. Composing with flowers, like a pianist with music or a writer with his words, was for me a beautiful way of expressing myself. The most beautiful poetry. ​


Very quickly, I realized that I wanted to specialize in the world of weddings which allows for total creativity. Trained by the greatest florists in Paris (Baptiste Pitou then Reflets Fleurs), I returned to Montpellier in 2018 and created a first floral decoration company with my partner, based on vintage, second hand and local flowers, in a small shop in the city center. ​

photo credit Emilie Carlier

Parents of two wonderful children, and after an overloaded life between our business and the fifty marriages that we have each year, we decide to leave the city to find a calmer family life. We have took the decision to close our store at the end of 2023 and I am continuing my solo floral adventure to focus once again on events, on a smaller scale.


Today, I only flower around fifteen weddings per year in order to be completely available, mentally and physically, for your big day and to support you as best I can. ​

Based at the gates of the Cévennes, still passionate about flowers and the desire to decorate the most beautiful days of your life or professional decors, I will accompany you from A to Z as a florist for your wedding in Montpellier and its surroundings or on a set design. ​


My ethics ?


Resolutely “slow flower”. I am committed to working primarily with local horticulturists and supplementing my selection with more exotic varieties known as “trade”. I avoid polluting techniques as much as possible (such as the use of non-organic floral foam) and regularly follow updates through my reading to stay up to date with the latest trends, particularly from Anglo-Saxon countries, pioneers in the flowers game.


​My style ? Organic, modern, vegetal... Far from the very formatted round pastel pink bouquets, I try to bring life and naturalness into my creations by adapting my style to the season and the flowers to the wishes of the bride and groom.

Want to use my services to be the florist for your wedding in Montpellier? For the floral decoration of your establishment?

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